Windshield Repairs on the Go: Why you Should Not Drive with a Cracked Windshield

A lot of car owners think that a cracked windshield is something they can ignore for a while. They think that it is just a cosmetic problem. But, did you know that driving with a cracked windshield can put your life and the lives of your passengers at risk? The level of danger depends on how serious the crack is. Not all windshield cracks will put you in danger right away, but this does not mean you must ignore the damage.

Remember that even the smallest crack will only get bigger over time. As your damaged windshield gets exposed to wind, snow, and rain, pressure will be placed on it, adding stress that can make the damage worst. Thus, if your windshield has cracks, consider windshield repairs on the go. The service can come to you wherever you are. Thus, you should not have excuses not to get your windshield repaired right away. So why is driving with a cracked windshield not a good idea?

Keep reading to know the answer:

The Structural Stability of your Car can be Compromised

The windshield keeps your car intact and reduces crushing impact during accidents. If the windshield is whole and free from damage, it helps in keeping the car’s roof in place. Should you be in an accident that causes your car to roll, the glass can prevent the roof from caving in by bearing the brunt of the impact along with the frame. But, if the windshield is cracked, the support will be unstable.

It can Make Airbags Useless in Collisions

If the glass is cracked, your airbag may not work properly when your car hits something or someone head on. During a collision, the windshield serves as a backboard for the bags when deployed. The bags strike the glass and are brought forward to where they can cushion your head so it does not hit the dashboard. But, with a cracked windshield, the force from the bags could make the glass shatter.

The Glass Could Shatter when Exposed to Extreme Temperature

Your windshield regularly undergoes the stress of abrupt, extreme temperature changes. The heater of your car clashes with the frigid cold on the outside of the glass in winter. In summer, the cold air of your AC fights with the heat of the sun. Such temperature changes make the windshield glass expand and contract. Sudden glass contraction can make the pieces that surround a windshield crack strike each other, possibly causing the glass to shatter.

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