What is class 1 car insurance and why should one but it?

Class 1 protection covers an individual possessing a vehicle owned by an occupant relative, a walker, or a bicyclist. It has various advantages. This kind of insurance covers a small group of people. In addition to protecting the owner, it also covers the people that reside with him/her.

What is the difference between class 1 and class 2 insurance? 

  • Class 1 covers a smaller subset of people as compared to class 2. Whereas class 2 insurance also covers the individuals who may not be direct relatives of the policyholders but have permission to occupy the insured vehicle.
  • Class 1 insurance covers the people driving for business purposes, excluding when they carry goods and samples. Whereas class 2 insurance covers individuals even when they are carrying goods and models. 

How does class 1 insurance work? 

Class 1 insurance provides you with the most comprehensive protection plan, especially for the accidents that are caused by car collisions. Class1 insurance gives you an option of where to get the service, be it at the service centre or at-home service.

When it comes to deciding which insurance company is the best, it is only smart to look at the whole market. Many factors matter when determining the company. Therefore, you must know what you want in advance.

What are the benefits of first-class insurance, and what does it cover?

The most significant advantage of buying class 1 insurance is that it can even be claimed when it is a hit and run case and the other party drives away. Here are some different situations that are covered by ประกันรถยนต์ชั้น 1 ที่ไหนดี 2564

  • In case of a fire, class 1 insurance can be claimed.
  • When there is a heavy flood, your car damages can be covered with first-class insurance.
  • In case of a stolen vehicle, first-class insurance covers the sum selected.
  • In case of a personal accident involving the driver and the passenger.
  • The driver and the passenger at the accident scene are also covered medically by the insurance.

Whether you use your car for business purposes or personal matters, you must get your car insured. Now the question is, what class insurance to buy. Different people and different opinions and need, but you should know all your options well and have an open mind. Only then can you make a wise decision.

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