Things to Do if You Witness an Accident While Driving

Witnessing a horrible crash is something no one wants. It’s devastating, and you might even panic because you don’t know what to do. If no one else is there, and you’re the only person there to help out, you should do your best.

Pull over

The first thing you should do is locate a place where you can park your car safely. You want to help out and not risk your own safety in the process.

Look for early warning devices

Other drivers might not know what’s going on and continue driving as usual. You can help by placing early warning devices. It’s true, especially at night, when visibility is poor. You don’t want more accidents to happen.

Call for help

You can’t deal with the situation alone. If the driver and passenger of the vehicles involved are unconscious or seriously injured, they might be unable to ask for help. Call the police and health care providers. If other drivers are passing by, you can also ask them to help out.

Have minimal contact with the injured

If you’re not a medical expert, you shouldn’t provide medical care. You don’t have the license to do it. You also didn’t receive training. Sure, your intention might be good, but it could lead to terrible results. If you already called for help, you can stay there until it arrives.

Perhaps, you can help the injured be in a more comfortable position. Don’t drag the person to the side or carry them to safety. There might be some broken bones that you were unaware of. Your attempt to bring the person to safety could worsen the problem.

Stick around

You might already feel satisfied that you stopped to help. However, it’s not enough. It would help if you tried sticking around until the police arrive. You need to ensure the safety of the injured people. Others might not have similar intentions as you and will attempt to steal from these people. They might also get hurt even more without your presence.

Take photos

Usually, people who get involved in an accident have to take photos. It’s necessary for documentation purposes. When they file an insurance claim, the police report and the pictures taken are useful. Since the injured can’t do it, you should help out. You might also call a company for towing in Miami to help remove the cars from the road if they’re already blocking the other drivers.

Explain to the police what you saw

Since you were not there at the moment of impact, you can only describe what happened upon your arrival. Turn over the photos you took since you probably have the best images. You took them closer to the time of impact, and the evidence remains intact. Let the police know that you didn’t give any medical care since you’re not an expert.

Once the police finished talking to you, it’s time to leave.

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