Off-Road Riding – Are Dirt Bikes Safer Than ATVs?

Many people choose to buy dirt bikes when looking for off-road vehicles. They are easy to learn to ride, highly manoeuvrable, and easy to maintain. But a dirt bike is not your only option, you can also invest in an ATV with four wheels instead of two. There is no doubt that both are a lot of fun to drive, but are dirt bikes any safer?

Fatal Injuries

Research suggests that riders who were involved in an ATV accident where more likely to die from their injuries in comparison to dirt bike riders. But the research has not shown why the results indicate this. One theory is that many people who drive ATVs do not wear helmets and the weight of an ATV is also a significant factor.

Although the findings are not that clear, researchers conclude that it is important to wear the right protective equipment whether riding a dirt bike or an ATV. Driving responsibility with due care and attention also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Stability & Security

If you have just invested in a dirt bike and you have been approved for Yamaha motorcycle finance, you may be happy to know that just because you are on two wheels does not mean you are more susceptible to accidents.

Many ATV operators ride with a false sense of security because they have four wheels and overhead protection. A lot of the time, four-wheeled off-road riders take too many risks and end up in accidents. Although ATVs are more stable, they also weigh a lot more than dirt bikes.

Safety Gear

As mentioned, nearly all dirt bike riders wear safety gear when enjoying a ride through the wilderness and especially when competing. The same cannot be said for ATV riders. You will often see ATV riders not wearing any protective gear because they think they do not need it.

Protective gear plays a significant role in fatal accidents from ATV users. If you are thrown from the vehicle, your protective gear can save your life. Helmets protect your head and body gear stops items from penetrating your skin.

Many studies suggest that ATV riding is riskier than dirt bike riding. But researchers also highlight the importance of the person operating the vehicle. If you are an experienced, cautious driver, who wear protective equipment, you are less likely to be involved in an accident no matter what you are riding.

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