A Clear Overview of the Basics of Auto Transport for Better Understanding

There are numerous shipping companies available online to help you to relocate your vehicle from one place to another. But you may find it a bit difficult to get a reference guide for understanding the basics of auto transport.

Here are a few points to understand the basics of vehicle shipping: 

  1. Initial Stage – Finding a reliable carrier to booking

You can do online research to get several online quotations from different shippers.

You can visit the websites of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to check the shippers’ license, service ratings, insurance policies, and customer satisfaction reviews.

Now, based on your research, requirements, and satisfaction, you can book with one of the reliable and affordable shippers like Ship a Car, Inc to ship a car to Miami. With a widespread network of shipping carriers and over 30 years of experience, Ship a Car, Inc has been providing safe and reliable vehicle shipping services to deliver thousands of vehicles every month across the U.S.A.

They have professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the transportation and shipping industry. They assist you through all the stages of delivery. You can contact them 24*7 for any queries.

Few precautions to follow before signing the deal:

  • Read the terms and conditions precisely. Get confirmation from them for the final amount payable after delivery and other extra charges if any.
  • Check their insurance policy
  • Ask the pick-up and delivery date
  • Avoid making any advance payment.
  1. Getting your vehicle ready for delivery

Before the pick-up date and time, you must clean the dust and dirt off your car thoroughly. It will help you to determine the pre-delivery damages in your car. Remove all the personal belongings including any electronic devices and toll passes from the car. In case the shipper finds any personal items inside the car, they will deny taking the delivery of your car. Also, make a mechanical inspection to check tire pressure, battery, and oil tank.

You must ensure the validity of your existing vehicle insurance to provide a double layer of protection to your car from any unexpected events.

You may require guiding the driver to reach your location for taking delivery of your vehicle. In some cases, when a huge carrier cannot enter your location, you may have to drive a bit to deliver your vehicle.

Before handing over your vehicle, you must follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Thoroughly clean your car and remove your items.
  • Take clear pictures of your car from all angles.
  • Take the driver’s acknowledgment of the inspection report.
  • Take his contact details and the transport coordinator to keep you updated with the real-time status of your shipment.
  1. Final Stage – Taking delivery of your car

You may need to visit the shipper’s delivery terminal or wait at your location based on the type of delivery service, either terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door, you have selected.

Before the delivery arrives at your door, you must be ready with the final payment amount.

On delivery, you must again carry a thorough inspection to check any likely damages made in loading/unloading activities during the shipment.

You can acknowledge the bill of lading based on your inspection to claim for damages (if any).

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