How to Remove Ice and Snow from Your Windshields?

Got an Icy Windshield? Here’s how to remove it easily!

Ice-covered windshields are definitely not fun to deal with, but removal of ice that covered the windshield the night before is still a rather common phenomenon that car owners need to face quite often, during the winter period.


It’s especially annoying when it delays our arrival to work, but, fortunately, there are some simple tricks that can turn the ice removal process into an easy one. Our customers keep asking our technicians at MS Glass about ice removal tips, so we have decided to share our tips here, for all to see.


Cover the Windshield Yourself First

Put a towel on the windshield, or put a newspaper. Or just a large piece of cardboard – that will do the job just fine as well. If the amount of snow that is expected to fall is not large, you may consider yourself covered. The only thing you will have to do the following morning is just to remove whatever you have covered the windshield with.


Water, Mixed with Rubbing Alcohol

This mixture is guaranteed to help you remove ice from the windshield and it’s a rather simple mixture to make. The proportion should be the following – 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 water. Pour it into a spray bottle and you’re good to go!


Just spray it on the glass and you will immediately notice how much easier it gets to remove the ice. The best piece of advice we could give is that you keep a bottle of such mixture in the car all the time, in case that your car get covered with snow and/or ice when you least expect it to happen.


Don’t Forget to Use the Defroster!

Once you start the car and let it warm up in the morning, use the defroster and set its fan to the max. Start breaking the ice on the windshield as soon as it becomes thin enough to be broken easily.


Use a brush to remove the pieces of cracked ice effectively and it won’t take long until you get to your work place, while those who don’t take advantage of the defroster keep waiting for the ice on their windshields to melt.


Got Ice? Use A De-Icer!

If the layer of ice that covered your windshield is thin enough, all you need is a liquid de-icer. If it’s not – use a scraper to make a groove at the center of the windshield. Then spray the de-icer and you can rest assured that it will become much easier for your to remove the ice!


Got any other ideas, or tricks that you would like to share? We will be more than glad to hear from you!